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Conjunto Colares Every Step of The Way

Conjunto Colares Every Step of The Way

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Explore as fases encantadoras da vida com a nossa coleção "Every Step of the Way". Cada colar representa uma etapa única, desde a descoberta até às conquistas, permitindo que você escolha o 'Step' que ressoa com a sua jornada. Use estas jóias simbólicas para celebrar cada passo significativo com elegância e estilo pessoal.


Conjunto de 3 Colares com malha oxidada em Prata 925. 


— Material: Prata 925

— Acabamento: Prata mate e Prata oxidada, Prata mate + Olaqueado Ouro e Prata oxidada

— Comprimento dos colares: 38cm\ 46xm \54cm

— Peso do metal: 8,9gr \ 10,9gr \ 12,2gr

Material e Acabamento

hand crafted

Cláudia Afonso jewels are of a delicate nature, made through artisanal processes, giving unique characteristics to each piece.


All jewels are certified by the services of the Portuguese Assay Office of the INCM — Imprensa Nacional Casa da Moeda.


Cláudia Afonso jewelry is made of precious metals: 925 silver, 925 silver with 24-carat gold bath, 19.2-carat gold and 18-carat gold. All jewels are certified by the INCM Assay Services — Imprensa Nacional Casa da Moeda — (site ) where they find the precious metal permil of the alloy and certify the legal touch of the metal. This certification is done by applying the contrast with the responsibility mark, manufacturer or equivalent.
The certification process by the INCM Assay Office applies to silver pieces weighing 2g or more, and in the case of gold pieces weighing more than 0.5g.
In case of doubt about the authenticity of the certification marks, the buyer can resort to the services of Assay Offices to verify the authenticity of the metal. See here the Table of Portuguese Assay Marks.

Cláudia Afonso has the following titles of activity:
​​-Title of Activity of Industrial Jewelery: T7268
-Title of Activity of Jewelery Retailer - means of distance communication: T7165

On the Banco de Portugal website you can consult the daily quotation of gold, silver, platinum and palladium, in accordance with the provisions of paragraph a), paragraph 1 and paragraph 2 of article 63 ?mlid=219
Any questions please contact us via email:



Cláudia Afonso Jewels have a 2-year warranty from the date of purchase.

Cláudia Afonso jewels are of a delicate nature, made through artisanal processes and therefore must be carefully used and stored.

The warranty does not cover the repair cost when product damage is induced or due to normal use, product loss, lost stones or theft.

Proof of purchase and associated documents must be kept for the guarantee to be valid.

The warranty covers manufacturing defects, but does not cover negligence, wear and tear, or missing parts.

The warranty is not applicable if the part:

1. is bent;

2. engraved;

3. Accidental damage has occurred;

4. came into contact with a foreign substance, including hand sanitizer, soap, cleansers, skin creams, or perfume.

. Scratches are not considered manufacturing defects, which means they are not covered by the warranty, as they occur due to daily use. 

. Discoloration and Oxidation - Metals exposed to a foreign substance or acidic skin types will discolor much more quickly if care is not taken. Discoloration is therefore not covered by the warranty.


It is at our discretion whether the defective product will be replaced.


— Shipment between 2-5 business days

— Pre-order - Ships within 3-4 weeks

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