Cláudia Afonso Jewels have a 2-year warranty from the date of purchase.

Cláudia Afonso jewels are of a delicate nature, made through artisanal processes and therefore must be carefully used and stored.

The warranty does not cover the repair cost when product damage is induced or due to normal use, product loss, lost stones or theft.

Proof of purchase and associated documents must be kept for the guarantee to be valid.

The warranty covers manufacturing defects, but does not cover negligence, wear and tear, or missing parts.

The warranty is not applicable if the part:

1. is bent;

2. engraved;

3. Accidental damage has occurred;

4. came into contact with a foreign substance, including hand sanitizer, soap, cleansers, skin creams, or perfume.

. Scratches are not considered manufacturing defects, which means they are not covered by the warranty, as they occur due to daily use. 

. Discoloration and Oxidation - Metals exposed to a foreign substance or acidic skin types will discolor much more quickly if care is not taken. Discoloration is therefore not covered by the warranty.


It is at our discretion whether the defective product will be replaced.